Beaded Motorcycle Seats

Why beads?
Because they keep you cooler and dryer by increasing the air flow between the rider and the saddle.


“After traveling from Florida to Alaska and having 7555 miles on this product I recommend this to every person that asks me about it.  Once I arrived home, I took it off for the short 5 mile commute to work and found the difference right away.  It went right back on the bike!”

“Thanks, this is the best dam thing i ever bought … I wore out my last one.,,,thanks for your FAST responce .that jest showes me what kind of company you are ….keep up the good work… .” — Randy

“Best product I bought this year. Saved my a$$.” — Norbert

“Seriously! I have gone cross county (USA and Canada) twice, and driven the European Alps once in the last 4 years all with your beaded seat under my butt. Everywhere I go fellow riders hone in on my beaded seat and want to talk about it when they see my bike parked!” –Jeff