Almost all motorcycle seats follow a general pattern.  The seats are wider in the rear and narrow toward the front.  Many bikes accept the same shape and size of seat that we currently have in stock

When measuring your seat, please keep in mind that the wooden beads should never contact any area of the bike, other than the seat. This could cause damage to your paint or mar the appearance of your bike.  In other words, DO NOT OVER MEASURE.  You should start approximately 1” from the tank, do not include the sides or back rest of your seat in any measurement, only the top part, and only that part of your seat where you normally contact the saddle.

The Front Seat (Rider)

The  Back Seat (Pillion)

Fits the majority of bikes


Steps to Measure

1. Width: Measure across the widest part of the seat.

2. Length: Starting 1” from the gas tank measure straight to the back of the seat.  Do not include any backrest or rise in the seat.


Ride Safely,

Nancy and Chris