“Single best investment to improve comfort on longer trips.”  – Motorcycle Consumer News

Helmet SunBlocker


Helmet SunBlocker



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The Helmet Sunblocker has become the pinnacle for many riders that have found motorcycle accessories that they feel they just could not live without.

Based on the idea of the ultraviolet ray (U.V.) protectant used on airplanes, the Helmet Sunblocker works effectively, is cheap to maintain, and installs easily using only soap and water. Instead of looking through the Helmet Sunblocker, your eyes are below it, keeping it in your upper peripheral vision. Eye doctors have attested that it does work effectively and your own eyes will tell you that it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

Helmet SunBlocker Side ViewHelmet SunBlocker Front View

Installation is easy. Simply wet in household solution and slide it into place in the upper peripheral vision area. Your “line of sight” is below the Helmet Sunblocker? thus eliminating the glare which comes in from above. It stays in place permanently for year-round comfort! No more changing face shields for day or night riding. After riding a few miles, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it! We make two types. The Arai Sunblocker has pre-cut brow vents and the Universal Sunblocker fits all other helmet brands.

  • Only takes minutes to apply to the INSIDE of ANY helmet with a face shield, including Arai.
  • The Sunblocker is held firmly in place with no adhesives!
  • Stays in place permanently in the upper peripheral vision area for year-round comfort.
  • No more changing face shields for day or night riding.
  • Especially beneficial to those with skin problems from the sun.

When it’s time for a new face shield, simply peel the Helmet Sunblocker? off and reinstall it in your new face shield. It will not tear or leave any sticky residue!

Please note that Sunblocker orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer, separate from your BeadRider order.