Rider Feedback

Just wanted to let y’all know that these beaded seats made a huge difference with our rides in these hot Louisiana summer days! Much cooler, no numbness, longer saddle time- worth every penny. 

Thanks so much, 
Mark & Fran
I purchased your product several weeks ago. Your product has greatly improved my riding comfort. In February 2016 I was in a motorcycle crash and bruised my butt severely along with dislocating two disc in my back. Since then just an hour on my new 2016 Harley Ultra Limited motorcycle required a break and hard stretch. After purchasing the Bead Rider I’m able to ride for hours pain and stiffness free. When I do stop, usually for gas, (haven’t figured out in flight refueling yet) my body isn’t sore or stiff as before the Bead Rider purchase.
Thank you very much for your great product.
I wanted you to know how completely satisfied I have been with your product. I was one of your testimonial free beadrider owners. My name is Rick Tanner I installed a Beadrider on my newly refurbished 1982 Yamaha Seca 650 and immediately road it 1700 miles from Saline Michigan to Barber Motor Sports Park in Alabama. Aside from my daily riding I also used it on my ride to West Virginia on a camping trip. I never removed it until I installed it on a 2003 Kawasaki Concours that I took on a 6000 mile 15 day trip from Michigan to San Diego and back and from Michigan to the New York Finger Lakes. After all of these miles and all of these years it finally gave up the ghost. I want you to know that shortly I will be purchasing a new Ultimate Beadrider to use on my Motorcycles because of the great service that my last one gave me. I get many comments and questions about your product and will continue to recommend it to all that ask.


After traveling from Florida to Alaska and having 7555 miles on this product I recommend this to every person that asks me about it.  Once I arrived home, I took it off for the short 5 mile commute to work and found the difference right away.  It went right back on the bike!


After 9 days and 3200 miles I have to say that the Ultimate Beadrider is the best accessory I have installed on any motorcycle I have owned over the last 30 years.  It kept us cool even on a 97 degree day through North Carolina and never experienced any discomfort.  Easy to install and looks good too.


Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I just got back from a 3 day ride on our new Spyder. We had only taken a couple short rides in the 2 weeks that we had it. One trip was a few hours and our rears felt it compared to our traded Midnight Venture which was the best ride we had ever owned. We are both amazed and very impressed and pleased with how the backsides feel after the ride. We both complimented the Beadriders we have at each stop and at the end of each day. We stopped but not because of our butts!!! Glad Ifound you and I will spread the word. I’m thinking I may buy one for my pick-up and my service truck. Thank-you.  


Thanks, this is the best dam thing i ever bought … I wore out my last one.,,,thanks for your FAST responce .that jest showes me what kind of company you are ….keep up the good work ….Randy

I just want you to know that so far I am loving my beaded seat cover. I was worried that it would feel too slippery, but it’s totally fine. Because I bought the seat cover kind of late in the season, I won’t really know if it does the job I am hoping it will do — to combat sweaty @$$ syndrome (I’m tellin’ ya, there’s nothing sexier than walking around after a ride with a butt totally soaked with sweat). We’ll see next summer, but I have a hunch it will fix my little problem. I am considering having you make a custom size to fit my back rest, because that sweats too (SUCKS!!).  Thank you, great product.  Lynn

I just purchased a new beadrider. I thoroughly enjoyed my last one I purchased in 2005 after I got a bad case of monkey butt going up the east coast. It took me about 4 days to get over the chafing. I am a big believer in your product. I have used my beadrider on every long trip from Macon, Ga. to Michigan, Key West, Washington state, California and through the state off Minnesota when I traveled
2 days in the rain. I am yet to get another case of monkey butt (knock on wood).  Now that I have a new beadrider to replace my faded and loosely retied frayed wooden beadrider, I look forward to another 35,000 miles in rain, hot sun, and other weather conditions without the dreaded monkey butt syndrome. Thanks,for a great product. Steve

I love MY bead rider. And it figures prominently in ALL of my LD riding. Did another saddle sore around the Lakes Ontario and Erie this month and am doing a B to B next month.

This thing is awesome. Thanks

While I didn’t have to reply, I wanted to let you know that the beads saved my butt!  3000 miles in 4.5 days and I felt great!   Super cool and I loved how easily I could move positions around the seat without sticking to everything .  I’ll keep it!

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your product on my 1999 BMW K1200LT. It really is a well made products that performs better than I had ever expected. I wish I had bought the BeadRider years ago.

Seriously! I have gone cross county (USA and Canada) twice, and driven the European Alps once in the last 4 years all with your beaded seat under my butt.  Everywhere I go fellow riders hone in on my beaded seat and want to talk about it when they see my bike parked!  — Jeff

I bought a beadrider and it served me very well on my first SaddleSore 1000.  I was very impressed.  The best day I ever did was 500 miles which made me think I would never be able to pull off 1000 miles!  Thanks.  –Lee

I have done some riding since I ordered the ceramic beads for my KLR and BMS.  My butt seems to smile whit I sit on them.  Great product.  I recommend them all the time.  –Mike

I only have to say one thing, this seat is magic. Arrived from a 3600 km trip to Labrador. My butt could only take 200 km before and with the seat I kept riding.  –Richard

Best product I bought this year. Saved my a$$. — Norbert

Yep, gliding on my ceramic beads on my Road Glide. Fast ordering process, outstanding product, fits perfect. –Ed

Based on a recommendation I purchased your product, and I waited through the long winter wondering if it was worth the price. I planned my dream ride up the coast of CA, OR, WA, and MT, riding 1960 miles in 5 days. No sore butt at all. Love the product. Worth its weight in gold. — Keith

Put them on my HD Ultra Classic. Wife and I rode 200 miles on the HOT Mississippi/Alabama highways, and LOVED THEM! Not sweaty, not achy, and not sore!  –James

So comfortable on a long ride. –Rod

I have to say that I live in FL, its very hot and hard on the butt on long rides. The Ultimate BeadRider literally sved my butt! I haven’t done a really long ride yet, but a few 200-300 mile rides and it’s an amazing difference!! No hot spots. BUY this and you won’t be disappointed! — Jeff

Everything you claim about the Beadrider is totally correct and more. I believe its far superior to any kind of butt spray, sheepskin, or anything else I have ever heard of and tried. Check me out https://beadrider.com/images/G%20Wagner%20resize.jpg George

3,500 miles of the most comfortable riding I have EVER experienced. — Jim

Australia -From Melbourne to the Great Ocean Rd., to the Great Alpine Rd., up the coast to Kangaroo Valley through Hervey Bay, through the mountains. From scorching heat to snow, back to Melbourne. The month of Oct 09. The beadrider is fantastic even in rain, and I felt fine. 6,000 miles. Daunting, its not with the right gear. — Martin from Norway

1,200 miles in less than a week, Great!!! Roy

Let me start by saying I am a big guy and riding on the leather seats is very punishing on my legs and rear. My wife and I got back off a 4300 mile 11 day ride from East Texax through New Mexico, Colarado, Souh Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and back to Texas. Was the most enjoyable riding we have ever done. John

Got my BeadRider at Johnson City MOA rally and today was the most comfortable 600 mile day I have had in quite a shile. I could have gone another 400 miles.  –Bob

I have about 3 years and 30,000 miles on this beadrider seat. Every trip i make, I am asked “Does that thing really work?”. The answer is a resounding ‘YES’. Picture is Beartooth Hwy in Montana.



Your beadrider is superb. I was riding for 8-10 hours a day over 4 days. I tried with and without the beads and after day one I will NEVER ride distance without them again. Cool and comfortable. Worth every penny.  –Jeff


Just wanted you to know I received my eads and did 1400 miles in 4 days. I loved them. The kep me dry and cool riding through the hot desert. –Janet

It really does make a tremendous improvement in comfort on top of my original seat. I thank you and other parts of me thank you. — Ernie

I think the seat works brilliantly –Shaun from Denmark

I ordered two seats last year and they are the greatest. Good quality, fast shipping, and best of all – no more swamp butt!  –Jammr

Years ago I never would have thought that a beaded seat would be comfortable, but this is the second year in a row I’ve ridden 3,000 miles or more in heat, cold, rain and wind and never had an issue with my ackside. And I know that the BeadRider is most responsible for that comfort. –Sim

I’ve had the beads fora few months now and really enjo the comfort they provide. From the 100 degree day to the 35 degree day the beads are the way to go for all day comfort. To sum it up, don’t buy a new seat just get the BeadRider and enjoy. –Jimmy

No back ache and no monkey butt!! Just rode 415 mile, filled the tank while sitting on the bike and felt great when I arrived at my destination! I’ll never have another bike without BeadRider! –Harold

I have tons of miles using this wonderful invention!  –Mark

Just back from Alaska and Loved the beads. They were great! –John

The beads have resolved the one issue that I just couldn’t find a solution for – S.B.S. (Sweaty Butt Syndrome). I can now ride in the warmest weather. –Mark

Just finished a 1700 mile trip and I can certainly say that sitting on the Beadrider was so pleasurable in that I had no wet jeans, no pressure or hot spots, and felt so much more relaxed after a long day in the saddle than I have ever remembered.  –Jerry

The greatest thing for a Burgman 650. –Anonymous

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product. My stock seat turned torturous at anything over one hour. I noticied a huge improvement in comfort and the airflow is great. NO MONKEYBUTT!  –Chris

The seats are absolutely phenomenal! We rode over 3,000 miles on the trip and the seats saved our back-ends from the usual agony and lower back pain normally felt from stock factory seats. The beads sort of massage you as you move. We also saw other riders with the BeadRider product. –Pat

Just completed a 3,400 iles trip and our butts never felt better. We had rain, sleet, snow, heat and the best ride or rears have ever had due to the beads. We were accompanied by 5 other couples, all beaded up, and we shared the same results they had. –Jim & Pam

I received my seat just in time for my 500 mile trip to Knoxville and was amazed at how well the seat works. No sweating so comfort is greatly improved. –Jay

Just got my beads and I put them on and rode around for the evening. Really reduced pressure points and kept all my parts cool. I’m a slim fellow and don’t have a bunce of natural padding on my posterior so this thing is a godsend.  –Matt

Just wanted you to know that there are alot of us that like your product. –Bill

BeadRider makes a REAL difference in comfort. Air circulating on hot Mid-Atlantic summer days with heat off the engine is a blessing. –Caleb

Wanted you to know that I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and have always had butt pain on all my bikes at some point during the ride. I just finished a 3000 mile ride using your seat. Can’t tell you how happy I was with the results. Zero and I mean ZERO paing for the whole trip, even during 12 hour rides. –Bill

After just spending 16 hours in the saddle, fighting 30-40 mph crosswinds for 14 hours I am impressed with the difference. My “sore spots” would have been vocal…not so this time. Thanks for a good product. –Doug

My purchase of a BeadRider for my Suzuki Burgman has made a HUGE difference in riding comfort. It’s a great alternative to custom seats or the various cushions that are available. –Darrell

After ordering your product I went on an 1800 mile tour. I must say the beads were everything people have said they were. Comfortable, airy, and no bum rash even after seven days of 80 degree sunshine. A great product.

Just wanted to let you know that the beads are great. We put about 900 miles on them where usually we would have to stop and relieve our pain, we didn’t have to. NO SORE BUTTS. –Paul

I haven’t had monkey butt since I put your beads on my 07 Wing. It’s everything I expected and more. –Chuck

Although I really didn’t think they would work, they did. Nice and cool. My wife likes hers too.

Having suffered from monkey butt I have tried corn starch, talcum powder, and other remedies. But I can say without a doubt that your produce works and works great. –Dannie

I’m very satisfied with my beaded seat. I’ve had it about two weeks now on a K1200 GT, which I ride daily. Living in Arizona gets hot and this seat has performed nothing short of spectacular. I went on a 225 mile ride traversing from 5000 feet down to 1500 feet and finally reached 9000+ feet in the Catalina Mountains. Regardless of temperature variations I was comfortable. Truly this seat is highly underated and widely overlooked as a remedy for “Monkey Butt”. Thanks. –John

I purchased a beadrider seat for my K75 for a cross country trip. It was the MVP of the trip.  –Michael

These things really work. I put about 2000 miles on the bike while on vacation. I used to have problems riding for more than an hour or two because of this product now I can ride all day. –Winston

BeadRider makes a great difference for both everyday use, and long rides. They relieve pressure points and provide ventilation, keeping me cool and comfortable, whether I’m going across town, or across the country. The adjustable cord locks provide a secure and perfect fit. BeadRider is one of the most important and cost-effective measures for comfort on long distance rides. Thanks for a great product! –-John Ryan; 4,674 miles in three days; Iron Butt Association #297,

This is my second purchase for my newest family addition, an 07 Heritage Soft Tail Classic. I have enjoyed your product immensely during our hot St. Louis summers. Looking forward to many cool miles with a BeadRider on board. Thank you. –Ken

I wanted to make sure you knew, I love your product and use it daily since my bike is my only means of transportation, rain or shine. Your product is very comfortable and helps keep the water off during rain rides. Keep up the good work. –Milan

After a 700 mile ride I couldn’t sit on the bike the next day. Bought your beads and a month later did 4,000 miles in 8 days with no problems. Wont’ take another long trip without them. — Dave

I have used your seat cover on my police BMW for several years, transferred it to my LT to do a 6,200 mill ride out west. This product is the best and cheapest seat upgrade anyone can hope for. –Brian

We placed our order 4 days before we were due to depart on a 3,500 mile trip. The seat arrived by the third day. We thoroughly appreciated the added comfort your product provided on the long days in the seats. — C. Harris

I tried this out for a 400 mile ride yesterday. Thumbs up! It works great.  –Steve

I have custom seats, cushions, gel, all of it. Your beads are by far the best. — Morgan

I have a V-strom, the worst seat ever, after 200Km.  I’d be miserable.  Bought an Ultimate, took at 980Km burn (in one day) arrived home with no stiffness or hurting whatsoever.  Couldn’t be happier. –Larry

New fan of Beadrider! Just received my Ultimate Beadrider from my wife.  This is the ticket to comfort for me!  My custom saddle and the Beadrider make a great combo.  Two thumbs up! — Chris

Bought one for my Vstar 1300 in 2006 and put over 25,000 miles on it in a year and the beads never failed!  My new bike was in need of a seat.  Did an 8 hr ride yesterday came home and went directly to your site to order a seat.   Thanks for a quality product! — Misty